How to take an interesting photo

This is my photo. How I got an interesting photo is I sorta got on the ground and I put the phone on the ground and then I took the photo but I realized that when you get on the ground it looks like your walking. When you figure out different angles or you can scroll in and out so you have to decide what kind of photo you want.

My Avatar

I choose this avatar because I think it looks like me. I also chose this Avatar because I think it is my type of style. My hair is strawberry blonde and a little brown. My eye color is brown. My skin color is tan. I love me,myself and I.

All About Me

My name is Maddie I live in Vermont and i am 10 years old. My favorite sports are soccer and tennis. My favorite holiday is Christmas and I love Christmas because I love to decarate the house and outdoors. I have a sister nad she can be a pain in the butt sometimes but she is worthy sometimes and she can drive me or her friends. I have a dog and his name is Meyer and for halloween we got him a hot dog because his type of dog is a Dachsund and he is very friendly.